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Body Swap

Ohh God...He is coming closer to me!..How do I escape now? My sister has swapped body with me for one day because she wanted to know how does it feel to be a man but she forgot that her boyfriend was coming home to meet her today.

Oh..no...he is holding my arms and moving my hair a bit to kiss me on my shoulders.

Oh..no.....he is coming closer to me.. I should do something quickly to stop him.

My God! what kind of sensation it was! My body has already started to respond to his soft kisses on my body..my mind is filling with his thoughts...I should tell him quickly that I am not the one whom he is thinking or I will totally go out of control now..

Listen Raaj..I want to tell you that..that..........

...ohh......I want to say..that..I...I love ..you...yes..I love you very much Raaj..I love you very very much...

"oh god..I can not resist him any more..."

Hold me in your arms Raaj..hold me close to you..


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