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Attack of Magical Kisser

This guy in the picture is a magical kisser. No..I don't mean a good kisser..yes..he was a good kisser too..but what I actually meant was he has some "Real Magic" in his kiss.

You may not believe it but I used to be a hunk earlier.
One day I met this guy in restaurant. He started talking to me. I was having a normal conversation with him. Then he asked me if I would like to dance with him?
I was shocked with his question. Then I thought he must be gay or something but I was not sure, so I simply said 'buddy, you are a guy. You should dance with a girl not me.'
He started laughing...and said, "Alright, I will dance with a girl only.." and suddenly pulled me towards him and started kissing me on my lips!

I was shocked at first and tried to push him away with full force but he was too strong and he was holding me very tight in his arms. Then suddenly he broke the kiss and asked me again.."Now would you like to dance with me, sweetheart?"

"What the fuck you think you jus ........" I wanted to abuse him and beat him till death but suddenly stopped speaking realizing that my voice sounding different to me. I was in a totally shocked state when I realized that not only my voice but my whole body and also with clothes have been transformed.

 I used to look like this earlier...

And now I look like this..!

Though, later I said "yes" for the dance because he looked with handsome to me.. We kissed many times during dance and I did not resist that time.

Here are some of our pics when we kissed.


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