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Cursed Apartment

My friend and I were new in the city for a job and looking for a cheap place to stay because we did not have much money with us. There was an apartment within our budget for rent just close to our place of work but the owner had put a strict condition that he will give it only to married couple.

We requested the owner that we have no other place to live and new in this city. After several requests we were able to convince the owner to rent the apartment to me and my friend. We were really happy to get the place but little did we know that it was a cursed apartment where a young couple had died mysteriously just before their honeymoon.

As soon as we entered into apartment the door shut from behind on its own.

Suddenly I started to feel strange. I felt my body shape changing at a rapid pace. My hips widened. I felt my hair growing and touching my shoulder, I grew D cup breasts, my face became smooth, my whole body became feminine.. Even my clothes started to change and became yellow kurti and salwar.

Within few minutes I was transformed into a complete female. I was in a shocked state.

Then I looked at my friend. I saw different kind of expressions on his face. It was like he was unaware of anything.

He then looked at me with a lustful eyes. I got scare. I tried to speak but words did not come out.

He came closer to me and hold me in his arms. I was surprised that rather than going away from him I came more closer to him.

He then started to kiss me on my face like mad. I was feeling a different sensation running throughout my body. But still I tried to resist him with all of my will power..

But then he hold me tight in his strong arms and put his soft lips on mine and starting sucking my lips and with one hand he was rubbing my nipples and softly pressing my breasts.

It was too much for my new female body to resist. I started kissing him back madly and fell in love with him.


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