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Magical Fountain

I had visited with my friend to Lonavala (a hill station) for a trip.  There we saw a fountain which was hidden inside a place where there was on one. I told my friend that lets go there and enjoy.  I visited first.  Unaware of the fact that the fountain I was visiting was a magical fountain and the first person who takes a bath below it every year gets transformed into opposite gender.

As soon as  the water touched my body, my body started changing becoming more and more feminine. My hair grew longer and became more silky, my hips widened, my chest grew into breast, my face became smooth and feminine, and within some time I was transformed into a complete beautiful female.

I was in shocked state and than suddenly my friend came closer to me to give me consolation. He told me that everything will be alright. There will be some way to reverse this transformation.

He told me that he had read some book about such fountain and have read something about reversing the effect but before that he will have to check my all body parts and I will have to cooperate him.

He went behind me and hold my wet body in his arms. I felt bit strange. He slowly he started to move his hands across my body. I was feeling very strange and bit of sensation was also running through my body. I closed my eyes.

Then suddenly I felt him kissing me on the neck.  I wanted to resist but my body felt such an excitement and that did not do anything.
He turned me towards him and put his lips on mine. I tried to push him first but than felt such an excitement in my female body that I gave up and started kissing him back. '


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