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Magic Water Did It's Work

What are you with me Amit? I am feeling very hot from inside. First you threw some water on me telling me that you want to show some magic. I don't know what but as soon as you threw that water I started to feel different. I don't know how to tell you but I started to feel like my body becoming very feminine and curvy. The sensation going through my body was so high that I could not understand what was happening to me.

I also felt like my clothes were changing from T-Shirt and Jeans to Saari and blouse.

It’s embarrassing for me to tell you that now you are looking very handsome to me .

And now you are kissing me on my wet body, I want to resist you, but instead my body is liking your closeness to me. Please don't think that I am a gay but I want to tell you that please don't stop whatever you are doing..  Keep kissing me Amit. Suck my body ...Amit...yes...Dry my wet body with your lips.


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