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Inspector, You Look Too Rude!

"Inspector, what do you think? Just because you have a power you can do anything with me? Let me tell you that I am from a family of magicians. Let me show you what I can do with you!

I think I should just change the way you look. I don't like your rude face.  Lets make it bit softer."

Magician showed his magic wand towards Inspector and a magic ray came out and hit him. Instantly his body changed completely.

"Hmm...Yes.. Now you are looking bit nice. But this uniform doesn't suit you now. Lets change it too.."

And again he showed his magic wand towards him and his clothes started to change. Soon his clothes were replaced by normal female clothes.


"Yes... this is better. Now you are looking like a normal girl. But I think you should look more girly..."

Magic wand again showed its magic on his clothes.  This time making them more girly..

"Wow! You are looking beautiful inspector! But I think you will look more sexy in Saari."

The magician again worked with him wand. Soon his dress transformed into Saari.

"Yes ...This is a how you should look."

"And one more thing. I have changed your mind too sweaty."

"I mean, just look at me. Don't I look very handsom to you now?"


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