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Ready for college

Rahul was preparing for college when his little sister entered his room.

"Bro, See what I have found on the road! A magical ring!!" Her little sister said with a cute childish smile.

"ok..whatever ...now go and don't disburb me now..I am already late for college and working on my new look."

"If you want I can give you a complete new look in a second with this magical ring?"  Her sister said with innocent face.

"Hahaha...alright..let me also see how can you do this.." Rahul said trying to tease his sister.

"Here you go Brother..." and she showed the ring towards his brother.

Suddenly a flash of light occurred from the ring and disappeared.

Rahul felt bit strange.

"What..?..what happened just now??..."

Suddenly he checked his image in mirror.

"oh shitt.!"

"What did you do? It can't me possible.. "

"I am a girl! I am a girl! Oh Shit!"

Rahul was in a shock.

"See bro, this ring does work...: Her sister said smiling.." and you are looking very beautiful. You can go to your college now." 

As soon as her sister said this, Rahul disapeared from the room and found himself in the college.

His college friend will surely love Rahul's new look.


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